Journey to Japan – Part three: to Seoul!

I've just landed in Seoul Incheon Airport after a superb flight with Finnair. I didn't get as much sleep as I'd planned, but that was all my own fault. I enjoyed a couple of hours in the very lovely Finnair lounge in Helsinki Airport before boarding my flight. The lounge is in the middle of… Continue reading Journey to Japan – Part three: to Seoul!

London to Singapore with Malaysia Airlines

We've just arrived in our Singapore hotel, so it's time to share a quick review of the journey here. Our check-in at Heathrow T4 went without a hitch and we quickly passed through security. In possibly record time! No shopping required, so we headed straight for the airline lounge to wait for our flight. We… Continue reading London to Singapore with Malaysia Airlines

Some travel kvetching

I’ve been travelling a lot lately, primarily for business. This last week has been a challenge though, even for me. Lots of flights, different airports, pressured timescales and a lack of sleep made for one frazzled MacPsych. Four airports in a single day was a challenge, even for me. I also had a lot of… Continue reading Some travel kvetching