(Beer) Advent revisited: Triple Hazy

I may have mentioned that I (amazingly) received two Brewdog beer advent calendars this year. Quite the selection of brews and tastes, which I inevitably failed to write up to completion here. Having competed one calendar, I'm now going back through the second one and, like the anarchist I am, drinking them in any damed… Continue reading (Beer) Advent revisited: Triple Hazy

(Beer) Advent Day Nine: Duopolis

This was a lovely surprise. On opening the advent calendar this morning, I was sure I recognised the name and positive I'd tasted it before - I just couldn't remember what it was like. Now that I've finally cracked open the can, I'm pleased to say Duopolis is a delight. "Two cities in one. Double… Continue reading (Beer) Advent Day Nine: Duopolis

(Beer) Advent Day Seven: Lightspeed

You're probably not counting, but if you are, you'll notice this is a day late. I skipped my advent calendar beer yesterday evening as I was feeling ill and, surprising myself, agreed that a beer was probably not what was needed. So here I am, a day late, but feeling much better, once again delighted… Continue reading (Beer) Advent Day Seven: Lightspeed