The travel I don’t really miss

This day two years ago, I was waking up in London City Airport. I mean, I had regained consciousness a couple of hours beforehand, but I was really waking up in the airport. I was waiting for one of my regular business flights to Dublin and it wasn't long after 7am. An ungodly hour for… Continue reading The travel I don’t really miss

Lounging about

I spent a few days working in Barcelona earlier this week, enjoying an unusually less-than-hectic schedule. I found myself slightly confused that I wasn't run ragged dashing from meeting to meeting - part of my new 2020 focus on self-care, I'd planned things in a much more manageable way. On my way back to London,… Continue reading Lounging about

A welcome bump up!

This past week was a terrific mix of busy, exciting and playing to my strengths. I admit to being a little anxious this time last week, but by the time I got home last night, I was very happy with how it had all gone. A day of coaching, a wellbeing workshop, a full day… Continue reading A welcome bump up!