We’ve all been there, right? The drawer at home that is so chock full of pens, pencils and other assorted detritus that it’s difficult to open, never mind find what you’re looking for? When we renovated our study at home, one of the key things to accomplish was sort through the drawers in the old […]

Since I’m not likely to leave the country any time soon, I’ve been revisiting travels past and realised this afternoon that it’s exactly a year when I was in Tokyo. TheFrankFlyer and I were chatting with a Tokyo-based friend this morning on FaceTime (he’s from Vietnam) and after we described our recent heatwave, he pointed […]

This day one year ago, I was enjoying some unseasonably gorgeous weather in Tokyo and wandering through the Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden, a beautiful park that we’d never been to, despite all our time in Japan. The sun was out, it was lovely and dry and the walk we enjoyed with our local friend Truong […]

This time two months, I’ll be on a JAL flight making it’s final approach to Tokyo Haneda Airport. And I couldn’t be more excited! At this point, @TheFrankFlyer and I have made about a dozen visits to Japan and it never gets boring. Ever. I’m a committed Japanophile (my Japanese language class is on a […]

Today was the last day of our trip to Japan, after almost two weeks spread across Osaka and Tokyo. We took it really easy today. After a nice breakfast at the hotel, it was out into Shinjuku for a final bit of shopping, including some final gifts for friends and family. We’ve had a really […]