Bags of delight

My two replacement bags arrived yesterday and I'm over the moon with how perfect they are. I previously described my bag-related de-cluttering (forgetting to mention how easy it was and how little discomfort I felt at getting rid of so many this growth?) and how I was selling them all to make way for… Continue reading Bags of delight

Bags and bags

Readers of this blog will be familiar with my penchant for bags. Bags of all sizes, for any purpose, as long as they're black. So strange. So specific. Anyway, my urge to remove needless objects from my life has found yet another focus: the bags. Please note this isn't based on any kind of philosophical… Continue reading Bags and bags

Binning more distractions

While slowly regaining consciousness this morning, I did a bit more digital de-cluttering. I removed a whole bunch of apps from my iPhone and iPad Mini - and once again, the deleting felt very, very good. There were apps I've never used, as well as apps that represent a depressing time-sink. The main offender was… Continue reading Binning more distractions