I spotted this on Reddit this morning and it made me laugh! I’ve come to similar conclusions about others on the beach while in Spain and, without judging, trying to come up with their back story. You can spot the first-timers, due to tan-lines where shorts or bikinis used to be. You can spot the […]

The mini heatwave we’re experiencing in London is definitely taking its toll on some people. But you won’t find me complaining! I took a day off on Friday and spent most of the afternoon lying in the garden. We share the garden with all the other residents in our apartment building, but I had it […]

This time last year – before the great lockdown of 2020 – I was luxuriating in the Mediterranean sun. My iPad’s photos app reminded me of the stark contrast with today’s situation first thing this morning. TheFrankFlyer and I were in Mallorca, visiting his parents. We had the most incredibly time, owing largely to the […]

Months after (unsuccessfully) removing all content it deemed ‘inappropriate’, the people at Tumblr are finally going after a real source of danger: racist extremists. Now that they’ve won the battle of the ‘female-presenting nipple’, they’re turning to removing hate speech from sites – from The Verge: “Tumblr on Monday announced an update to its hate speech policy, […]

Another funny side-effect of the corona lockdown: indoor shoes. I bought the trainers in the above photos several months ago, while they were on sale. They remained unused until last week, when I realised I needed some ‘indoor shoes’ for exercise.  The thing is, we take our shoes off as soon as we get home. […]