I spent a few days working in Barcelona earlier this week, enjoying an unusually less-than-hectic schedule. I found myself slightly confused that I wasn’t run ragged dashing from meeting to meeting – part of my new 2020 focus on self-care, I’d planned things in a much more manageable way. On my way back to London, […]

I made a quick business trip to Jersey earlier this week, which went well in every possible way. Except for the travel. I lost count of the number of assholes who made the flights unpleasant for other people and spent much of my time with my eyes closed, trying to think happy thoughts. It’s only […]

You can usually hear him before you see him. In any town or city on the Mediterranean between the months of April and September, he takes his holiday and lets everyone know what a terrible time he’s having. If you can’t hear him, you’ll certainly see him. He’ll be the only person (unless he’s travelling […]

I write this in Dunfermline, Scotland where I’m visiting my parents. I flew up from London Thursday night to avoid insane weekend flight prices, but failed to avoid insane bag madness. Picture the scene. A plane-full of people all carrying far too much carry-on baggage, all getting aggressive with each other because they can’t find […]