Not the gym buddy I was hoping for...

🏋🏼 I had the gym in our building all to myself this afternoon.

Until the last ten minutes of my workout, when this giant beast of a neighbour came down, dressed in street clothes, and chose the treadmill next to me for… a walk. And a telephone conversation. While on speakerphone. Loudly.

I glared at him pointedly - I could hear him over my own headphones and this is something he always seems to do - and he moved one machine away. Then he switched to French and started talking about me.

No, I’m not paranoid. I can speak French.

Anyway, it was soon time to wrap up and leave him to his stroll. I didn’t want to be there for his inevitable heart attack. The man is a utter pig and I’ve seen him ogling the women in our building like someone the police have a thick file on. He gives out major “How much for the blonde?” energy, like a basic villain in an Indiana Jones flick.

I don’t even want to share the gym with him.

On the plus side, I got a solid 45mins workout on the elliptical, some much needed stretching, and an episode of The Boys Season 4 before it was time to leave.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych