Let's try that again ✈️

Well. After three flight cancellations yesterday evening, I’m still in London.

At least I got to sleep in my own bed last night, unlike many visitors who had to go and find a hotel bed in London at short notice. We’ve been booked onto a 3pm flight from Heathrow this afternoon, when we can try all over again.

Weather happens, cancellations happen. But the British Airways lack of information, support and even basic manners rubbed salt into the wounds of every passenger stuck in the airport. Their ground staff give the attitude of people doing the job as some kind of favour to passengers. On their terms, when they feel like it.

Hopefully I’ll be in Mallorca this evening. But I can’t even guarantee that. In the interim, there’s the BA Lounge at Heathrow to enjoy, and I plan to enjoy their hospitality to the max.

It’s the very least they can do, all things considered.