Lounging about in Malaysia...

Given I was worried how I was going to spend my layover here in Kuala Lumpur Airport, I’m amazed how quickly the time has gone by.

Once I was clear on what terminal I needed to be in (the same one I landed in - yay!), I headed to the Malaysian Airlines lounge and did some work admin (primarily, sorting out my work expenses for this month), cleared by work email inbox, and enjoyed some nice champagne and cheese. I’m two days ahead of my self-imposed deadline on the expenses, which is always nice.

I also pulled together a deck of slides for a webinar I’m facilitating on Thursday. I’ve been meditating and reflecting on the topic for weeks, and once I sat down and opened my laptop, it all sort of spilled out of my brain and onto the screen. In the nicest possible way.

I then took advantage of the pristine facilities and had a rather lovely shower. It felt great to freshen up, especially after spending seven hours on a plan from Tokyo. As I was preparing to leave the lounge to go exploring, I spotted a doorway I’d somehow missed on the way into the lounge. It was an entire sit-down restaurant!

Never one to pass up a free meal, I was escorted to a table and offered a menu. I skipped starters and desert and opted for the mushroom risotto. It was delicious. Completely superfluous to requirements, but delicious all the same.

So now I have just a couple of hours left before I’ll be in the sky again. This time for a 15 hour flight to London. I’m hoping for smooth skies and several hours of sleep. Between now and then, I’ll be downloading shows onto my iPad Mini, sampling more of this delicious champagne (before Sober March starts), and just being super grateful for the opportunity to take a holiday like this. I can imagine time might have crawled without access to this lounge.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych