Rainy days in Tokyo

I have to admit that today’s weather put a bit of a dampener on things, so I didn’t get to do as much as I’d planned. We enjoyed a coffee and a wander around Meguro this morning. We visited the Traveler’s Factory shop,home of my favourite notebooks, but I didn’t buy any. I have a significant backlog to work through back home. It was still lovely to see what was on offer, and I bought The Frank Flyer a new penknife.

Then it was off to Ginza and after a couple of hours, I felt like I’d been hit with a new wave of jet lag. So we headed back to our hotel and I enjoyed a much-needed nap. We’ve visited the executive lounge for the free cocktails and buffet session (no calories in free food, right?!) and I caught up with journaling this trip’s adventures in my paper journal.

This kind of weather really makes me want to curl up in bed, but I feel like that would be such of a waste of my time here. So I’m going to brave the elements later and head to Ni-Chome for a drink in my favourite bar: Eagle Tokyo.

Tomorrow morning I’m off to Sendai with my friend Truong. It’ll be a first for both of us and while I’m excited to visit a whole new city, I’m also intrigued by the hotel he’s booked for us. Apparently, it’s the tallest in northern Japan. So I’m hoping for some good views! But of course, that will all depend on the weather.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych