Bath time

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of the afternoon, soaking in a local onsen here in Shinjuku Tokyo.

It was just what my tired and jetlagged body needed. I could switch off completely - free of my mobile phone, and any other devices - and just focus on relaxing in a series of different baths, a sauna, a steam room and then some more baths.

Half-way through the experience, I put on my fancy onsen “pyjamas” and headed down to the restaurant where I enjoyed a delicious pork Katsu curry and a bottle of Asahi alcohol-free beer. My focus was most definitely on rehydrating!

After the most leisurely of meals, I headed back upstairs to the onsen, where I completed another round of the baths. My favourite was most definitely the outdoor bath, where I could sit in the water, watch the steam rise from its surface, and feel the misty rain fall on my head.

I then went for a very relaxing stroll around Shinjuku. It’s an incredibly lively and busy area, but you can still find moments of peace and quiet. I picked up some gifts for family back home and then wandered back to my hotel. Sadly jetlag is still with me and I’ve been awake since 4 am this morning.

Later this morning. I’m meeting up with a Tokyo based friend and we’re taking the train down to Hakone Onsen for an overnight stay. And yes, there will be more soaking, sauna and generally staying wet!

No photos from inside the onsen, obviously - but here’s the delicious, ice-cold beer I enjoyed half-way through.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych