2024: Week Six

Another summary of the week that was…


I’ve had ups and down on the health front. On the one hand, I’ve stuck to my healthy diet and got to the gym after work. I’ve now lost 3kg since the beginning of the year. On the other hand, my gastro symptoms and associated pain have slowed me down several times. I’m just focused on my hospital appointment on March 4th and getting some clarity and a plan of action after that.

Doctor Google has not been my friend, and I’ve had to force myself to stop looking at articles about my disease and routes through surgery. None of it has brought clarity and instead has left me feeling worried. Which is never helpful.


Despite my wellbeing issues, I’ve managed to have a stellar week at work. I received two pieces of feedback about my work podcast which set my heart soaring. Feedback isn’t a constant, so when I hear from listeners, it makes all the difference. And it wasn’t just the usual ‘thumbs up’ or ‘well done’, they provided some context and helped me understand what they’ve taken from the various episodes.

Client projects continue apace and I’m working on an exciting set of new coaching programmes for clients to purchase. After the rather unwelcome rise in corporation tax (thanks for nothing, Tories) I need to work extra hard and more efficiently to bring home to the same money from my business. So I’m also reducing my fixed costs and looking for subscriptions I can end.


You’re probably sick of hearing about it, but yes - my upcoming trip to Japan is less than a week away and I’m still just as excited. I’ve been doing more research, making a prioritised todo list of venues and experiences, and watching videos about the JAL First Class cabin (and, more importantly, the on-board food service!).

You can read my extended Japan-related gushing over on This Guy Flies.

Dry January

My Dry January streak came to an end on Wednesday this week, when I went out for an after-work drink with a friend visiting from Newcastle. And while it was lovely to head to the pub and have a natter, I regret the pint. Not at a deep, existential level, but because it was possibly the worst pint of Guinness ever pulled in the history of pints. It almost brought a tear to my eye. I wish Dry January had ended on a more positive note!

I also went out to the pub with friends on Friday night and noticed my tolerance of alcohol seems to have evaporated in the last five weeks. I felt a bit grim the following morning, so I got right back up on the saddle of… let’s call it ‘Dry February’. My epiphany was this: booze is expensive, is basically a poison, makes me sound like I’ve had a blow to the head, and makes the following morning a real effort. I don’t need that in my life.

So, no more casual trips to the pubs with the sole goal of drinking. I might have the odd drink at home when entertaining, or for a special occasion. But I think I’m leaving my beer monster days behind me.

And that was the week that was…

MacPsych @TheMacPsych