2024: Week Five

Another summary of the week that was.


It was a really productive week on the work front. I kicked off two new client projects, both super-interesting and with nice clients. This really makes all the difference!

I recorded another couple of podcast episodes, so I don’t run out of content while I’m in Japan later this month. I also recorded a few more videos for the YouTube channel, which I’m going to slowly edit over the coming couple of weeks.


I finally had my consultation with the gastroenterologist and it went as well as can be expected. He was very nice and very thorough and definitely wants me in hospital for some tests. I was worried it would coincide with the Japan trip, but he’s actually not available until the first week in March. And so I can try to put it all out of my mind until then. Which is hard, considering the ongoing discomfort.

In more positive news, my weight continues to drop, slowly but steadily. I’m still avoiding alcohol and exercising deadly. My diet is healthy, but not overly restrictive. No fast food, no snacks, fruit instead of desert, and virtually all homemade meals. Simple, but effective.

Travel plans

Just last night, my Japan trip plans changed quite a bit. My other half found that a couple more seats had opened up on a flight two days earlier. With a minimal fee, I still have a First Class seat with wonderful JAL, but I arrive on a Saturday afternoon, rather than the following Monday. An additional weekend in Japan - what could be better?!

He also managed to find me a room for these extra two nights in the same hotel I’m booked into, in Shinjuku. Yes, it’s the Godzilla hotel!!

I’ve also arranged to go on an overnight trip to an onsen hotel down in Hakone with one of my Tokyo-based friends. I haven’t been in Hakone since my very first trip to Tokyo back in 2013. And our hotel has both public baths and an individual private bath, which again, will be a new experience. Can’t wait to get soaking ♨️

This morning, while on the elliptical trainer in our gym, I agreed with the same friend (via WhatsApp) to go on a two-day trip to Sendai with him while I’m in Japan. This will be my first visit there, so I’m looking forward to seeing something new.

So yeah, I’m quite excited about this trip, for so many reasons.

And that was another week that was…

MacPsych @TheMacPsych