Silence helps.

I’ve had a super productive morning

I went into the office as soon as I was showered and dressed this morning. Yes, on a Saturday morning! I wanted to take advantage of an empty building to record some content for my podcast and YouTube channel.

And what do you know, as long as nobody is slamming doors or making loud phone calls in the corridor outside, I can get a lot of recording done. In just a couple of hours, I managed to record a solo podcast episode and three videos for YouTube. And I’m finally happy with the backdrop for the podcast (it’s a video recording too) and the one I’m using for youtube content.

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3* makes recording a breeze and I’ve basically decided to sell the Sony camera I bought for this project a few years back. It’s overly complex, tends to overheat too easily and has the worst user interface of any device I’ve ever bought.

The DJI is light, incredibly portable, turns on instantly and has a wonderful wireless mic. Far less fiddling around with the set-up means more time spent actually recording. Which is a win all round.

I did a quick promo video for a free event I’m running later this month, the latest in my behind the scenes vlog series, and a video all about the importance of a ‘chemistry’ session when working with a coaching psychologist. That’ll keep the channel fuelled for a few weeks!

Now it’s back to life admin: cancelling subscriptions I no longer need, finishing my packing list for Japan, and deciding which bag I’m going to bring as carry-on luggage on the fight.

And then, completing the assignment for my Japanese course. Because the deadline is tomorrow afternoon 😬

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MacPsych @TheMacPsych