Blips and zits

Yes, it’s Friday - but let’s hope the day improves as it progresses. I woke up with a zit - a teenage style zit! - in the middle of my nose. It’s bizarre on a man my age. And it just appeared overnight - there was no sign of it after I showered last night. I’m just grateful I haven’t got any YouTube filming planned for today.

I then stepped on the scales, which revealed some weight gain. Despite Dry January! Despite daily exercise! Despite no snacks! What a disaster…

Just kidding.

I couldn’t care less. I’m sure the weight will return to its downward trajectory tomorrow. Or the day after that. After all, it’s the trend over weeks and months that matters, not a single measure along the way. And my diet and exercise is going to continue. So I will get the results I’m looking for - I just need to be patient.

I can barely express how much better I’m sleeping and feeling in general since the start of the year. I can’t keep my eyes open once I get into bed in the evening. And I rarely wake at all in the night. I’m getting more done at work and feeling better about it. My focus has improved and I think I’m even a little more creative.

And I put it all down to a combination of daily exercise, no alcohol and a much healthier diet. Who knew all that health advice we’ve had for decades actually works!

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych