Nearly Tokyo time!

Just 43 days until my next trip to Japan.

And it’ll be my first solo trip. I’m so excited. And in a move that’s rather unlike me, I’ve put together quite a detailed list of experiences and locations I want to visit.

While I have several friends in Tokyo, I know I’ll be doing a lot of this alone, while they’re at work. So a plan is the kind of thing that will get me out of my hotel bed in the morning - in the absence of the accountability to a friend to turn up.

I want to document it properly, with a combination of photos and video. I’ll be bringing my favourite toy (the DJI Osmo Pocket 3) for the latter. I’ve been practicing with it quite a lot, so I can get better footage and take fewer accidental selfies while I’m trying to capture a moment!

I’m also considering running in Tokyo. I’ve done it before, albeit for short morning jogs, and some longer runs in Osaka. But it’s a great way to see a city - as long as I avoid the crowds during rush hour. And as long as the weather cooperates!

Ironically, the thing I’m most excited about is the journey there. For the first time, I’ll be flying to Tokyo non-stop with Japan Airlines. In my personal view, they’re the best airline in the world, and every previous flight I’ve had with them - even short domestic hops - has been superb.

I’m hoping my experience of the First Class experience from London to Tokyo lives up to expectations.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych