Starting as I mean to go on 🚀

It seems like an age since New Year’s Day, which was, if I’m honest, spent on the sofa watching repeats on TV and bemoaning just how much beer I’d had at the party the night before.

Since then, I’ve gone back to work, moved my office to a new building, started a new fitness regimen, commenced Dry January and… it’s only Friday evening.

I had a very, very lazy last quarter of 2023. I mean I worked loads, I just didn’t get any exercise. It was like I was studiously avoiding the free gym in our building’s basement. Almost like I completely forgot that I could go for a run by the Thames at virtually any point.

I have no excuse. Picture me shrugging the world’s largest shrug.

But the new year, month and week has given me a shot in the arm. I’ve been downstairs to our gym three times now, Each time catching up on The Crown while on the cross-trainer. An excellent way to make this kind of exercise bearable.

I’ve shunned the beer - and all other alcohol - and intend to keep going after Dry January ends. I’ve give up the booze completely for most of last summer and the only outcomes were positives. Better sleep, better skin, (a little bit of) weight loss. And I’m sure my liver thanked me too.

The biggest changes have been on the diet front. As I was tired of getting undressed and shuddering at my reflection, something had to give. Seriously - after a day of wear, my jeans left me looking like I’d had a caesarean section. So it’s out with all the snacks and in with as much fruit, vegetables and water as I can get in to me. December was an absolute mind-field of filthy eating, where our cupboards and fridge were groaning with various cheeses, chocolate, pastries, breads and crisps.

Finishing all this off on New Year’s Day was our way of starting over afresh. Yes, “our”. One of the reasons this doesn’t feel like hard work in the slightest is my partner is doing it all with me. His moral support is priceless.

I have a school reunion back in Dublin this May. I want to look my best - better than at any point in the last three years, based on my photos - and that goal will keep me going over the next few months.

What’s really important is that I don’t feel like I’m depriving myself in the slightest. I’m not going hungry. I’m enjoying the exercise. And I’ll really enjoying seeing the inevitable difference on the weighing scales in the weeks to come.

Onwards and upwards! 🚀

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych