My Defaults

Inspired by the ‘Defaults’ post by Robb Knight, here are my default apps for a whole host of things:

Mail client: for personal, Spark for work
Calendar: Fantastical
Cloud file storage: iCloud for personal, Google Drive for work
Contact management:
Browser: Safari
Chat:, WhatsApp
Notes: for personal, NotePlan for work
To-do: Things 3
Photo management:
Spreadsheets: Google Sheets
Word processing: Google Docs
Presentations: Keynote
Shopping lists:
Budgeting and finance: MoneyHub
News: Apple News, The Guardian
Music: Apple Music
Podcasts: Pocket Casts
Mastodon: Web on Desktop
Weather: Apple Weather app
Backups: Time Machine
Screenshots: CleanShot
Search: Google

These are accurate as of today, but I reserve the right to jump on the next task management and note-taking bandwagons.

This year, I weaned myself off Dropbox and MS Office. I started using NotePlan for my work projects and absolutely love it. And rather than pay two subscriptions, I cancelled Spotify and now rely on Apple Music for my music.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych