Furious. And sick.

So I’ve had an annoying head cold since I arrived back from Tokyo on Monday.

Despite my best efforts, symptoms were getting worse. So this morning, having had a rough night of coughing, my other half suggested I take a Covid test.

You can tell what happened next.

So now I’m in bed, with a positive test result, coughing and sneezing and cursing my bad luck. I actually had my Covid booster a couple of weeks back, so this is particularly galling.

I’ve had to cancel a GP appointment for this morning (irony alert!), a dinner with friends tonight, and I’ll also miss my Japanese class on Monday evening. I’m supposed to be flying to Dublin for work on Wednesday evening, and I’m just hoping I’m better and testing negative by then.

Running my own business means I can’t easily drop out of work commitments without consequences.

Is it all bad news?

On the upside, I’m hoping my Covid booster might take the sting out of the severity of this dose. I’ve only had Covid once before and it floored me for nine days. An absolute bastard of an experience.

Another positive is that my partner is still testing negative. Long may it last, as he has quite awful asthma. We have the space in our apartment that he can sleep in the study on a spare bed, which will probably be the best for both of us.

And I have a stack of stuff I can read/watch/listen to from bed, to keep me entertained. It could definitely be worse.

But it made me think: how many people are wandering round London right now, with Covid, having not tested? How many of us think we just have a seasonal cold? It’s turned into Schroedinger’s virus.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych