COVID booster ouch

I was lucky enough to get my COVID booster yesterday morning.

One of the very few advantages of living with epilepsy is that I get prioritised when it comes to immunisations. And while I was incredibly grateful to get it, last night’s side-effects weren’t so welcome.

The painful shoulder started within an hour, but that comes with most jabs. As I headed to bed about 11pm, I was aching all over and started to feel like I had a headache coming on. About 2am, I was awake owing to night sweats, a thumping headache and a body that felt like I’d just played Rugby for Ireland. An hour later, I was shivering and gathering up the duvet and blankets in a kind of ‘nest’, to stay warm.

I’m feeling better this morning, thankfully. My shoulder still feels like I’ve overdone it at the gym, but the temperature and chills have gone. I’ll be taking it very easy today.

All that said, I’m still so happy to have had the jab. I only had COVID once and it laid me low for over a week of hellish symptoms. Never again! Plus - don’t the side effects mean that the booster is actually doing its job?

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych