All change, please

I’ve just spent a couple of hours packing up my summer clothes and getting my winter wardrobe out of storage.

Living in an apartment, there’s just not enough room to have all my clothes in the wardrobe at the same time. So for half the year, half of my clothing lives in vacuum-packed bags. It’s quite a tedious task to gather, fold-up and store stuff, but a delight to open up the bags. They’ve been out of sight and out of mind for months.

For example, I found several items of clothing I had completely forgotten about, including a pair of fleece-lined sweatpants. I also ‘inherited’ some t-shirts and shirts from my partner. So, basically I feel like I’ve been shopping this afternoon.

Waving goodbye to my shorts, while hugging my winter coats and thermals.

This is obviously the cue for a cruel unseasonal heatwave to hit London. So, you’re welcome?

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych