Adventures in epilepsy

Gah! Yet another GP screw-up with my meds.

Despite getting my repeat prescription signed off on Monday, the pharmacy never received it. And so I couldn’t get my meds. Thankfully, the pharmacist was happy to give me a week’s supply while the GP practice gets their act together.

Every interaction with my local practice is so stressful and hard work. And it’s not like I’m taking my epilepsy meds for laughs. If I run out, there are real consequences. Serious consequences. If I have a seizure, even a small ‘absence seizure’, it’s difficult and stressful and impairs my ability to work.

But it really feels like they couldn’t care less at times.

Tomorrow first thing, I’ll have to go down in person to basically beg them for help. And it’ll be 100% dependent on the mood of the receptionist. Because there’s no way I’ll get access to a doctor.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych