Not a great start to the weekend.

Providing a statement to three police officers in my kitchen is not how I envisaged this weekend starting.

My other half is in Spain for the weekend and I woke up to a text message wondering why the airtags on our bikes were showing them as two miles away. I headed down to the bike room in the basement of our apartment building so discover both bikes gone. Chains and locks cut right through, cleanly.

All of the common areas are only accessible via a finger print lock, so I’m still trying to figure out how the scumbag(s) got access. And what kind of tools they used to cut through the chains and locks.

Flagging all of this with the concierge at reception was a waste of my time. The management company that runs our building is notorious for being quick with the invoices and slow with everything else. So I’m not anticipating any help from them.

The police, on the other hand, where superb. They went straight to where the bikes' Airtags said they were and searched the area. No luck. So then they came to my apartment and took a statement. They also inspected the bike room - and were also interested to learn about the fingerprint locks and how someone could get access.

It turns out several bikes were taken in the last 24 hours. Not being the only victim doesn’t make it any less infuriating. I’m still furious. The only consolation is that the bikes were insured. And as soon as the police email me the incident number, I’ll be making a claim.

Here’s hoping the weekend improves from this point on.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych