Well, this is a very welcome surprise to wake up to!

There might not be any actors or big casting announcements at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but Paramount Plus did find one way to surprise fans. It’s dropping the next episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds five days early. The episode also happens to be the very anticipated crossover episode featuring the live-action version of some of the cast of Star Trek: Lower Decks. Having already seen this episode, I can confirm this is all exactly as delightful as it sounds.

I’ve been really enjoying Strange New Worlds - it reminds of the excitement and novelty of the original series (Shatner, Nimoy et al), with a very contemporary twist. The casting is excellent and the characters has grown and developed so much since first appearing on Star Trek: Discovery.

This little geek is very happy this morning!

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych