Like a blog, only smaller

I’ve been using solidly for about six weeks now, and it’s fair to say I’m hooked.

I love the simplicity, the lack of overwhelming options and set-up requirements and how it just gets out of my way when I want to write and share something. I’ve lost count of the hours I’ve wasted on ‘optimising’ my Wordpress blogs, changing themes and messing around with widgets. All of which could have been used to actually write something.

I like how I can snap a photo, add some words and have it appear on my simple, minimalist blog in seconds. I love how comments from others appear as a conversational thread. No need to grab my laptop, all accessible via the simple iOS app.

And by just ticking a couple of boxes on-screen, my posts appear perfectly formatted on both Mastodon and my Tumblr. Better than any other automatic sharing experience I’ve encountered. Amazingly, photo posts are also shared to Flickr.

So kudos to the team at - I’m looking forward to seeing how the platform evolves over the coming months.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych