Nearly there with the new office set-up

I have the new Mac mini up and running with the Apple Studio Display.

I’ve done quite a bit to organise the various power cables etc behind my sit/stand desk. and I’ve moved my microphone to make it more convenient to use.

I really need to buy some replacement headphones for my various calls and webinars - the rubber has work away on the ones I have, exposing various wires. Aside from how it looks, I’m reasonably confident I’m going to get an electric shock in one of my ears pretty soon.

Given I spend hours at this desk every day, I’m keen to make it both comfortable and organised. Nothing more stressful than a pile of paperwork, post-its or other detritus taking up space where it shouldn’t.

Now let’s see how long I can keep it this neat.

MacPsych @TheMacPsych