Good morning from a very overcast London

I’m a little relieved the weather is so disappointing today! I have four videos to edit today - a few webinar recordings and some new course materials - and it’s even more difficult to focus on this when the sun is shining outside.

I’m such a sun worshipper, it makes concentrating in the office a real challenge when I can see what I’m missing outside. And living in London, the sun is never guaranteed. Thankfully, the forecast is better for tomorrow and the weekend, so I’ll hopefully get some time in the sun then. A real exercise in delayed gratification.

Before all that, I have a coffee appointment over at Liverpool Street - another excuse to enjoy the newish Elizabeth Line (it’ll always be Crossrail to me) and get there at something approaching light speed.

But first, a second coffee here at home, to raise my conscious awareness a little more before navigating public transport.

Richard MacKinnon @TheMacPsych