Travel planning

It’s alive!

After a lot of neglect, I’ve decided to return to writing regularly in this blog, with a solid travel focus. After all, travel’s back, baby!

I’ve missed out on writing about several trips since my last post, so I’ll be writing some of them as retrospectives. These may feature more photos than words. I also have a ton of travel already booked for 2023, in Europe and Asia, so I know I’ll have lots to share in the coming months.

I’ll be visiting Sofia, Okinawa and Phuket for the first time. I’ll be returning to Sitges (of course!) and Tokyo. I’ve already been to Lisbon and Prague this year, as well as Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto last month.

I’ve decided to keep my general ‘life stuff’ content over on my other blog, which you can find at Incidentally, the header pic for this post was taken in Hiroshima last month, in the wonderful Shukkeien Gardens.

I’m really excited to be back and look forward to adding a more detail log of my travel from previous years. It’s primarily for me and my terrible, terrible memory, but if you find it useful, all the better.

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