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My travel plans for 2023

Now that it seems we can plan travel without too much fear of plague-related disruption, @TheFrankFlyer and I have been busy planning trips for the year ahead.

It genuinely feels strange to be making plans for travel so far in advance, but it’s the only way to both block out the time from work and secure a bargain.

In January, I’m going to visit Prague for the very first time and I can’t wait! I’m going with a friend and looking forward to exploring a whole new city. My research so far as centred on food and beers (typical) but I believe there’s some culture to experience too… 🤪

In March and April, we’re heading back to Japan. We’ll be spending a few days in Osaka and Tokyo, with a few day-trips out of Osaka planned too. We’re going with a friend who has never been to Japan, so I’m over the moon at the opportunity to introduce him to all our favourite places and experiences.

In June, we head back to Sitges for Gay Pride (after which a week or two of rehab may be required) for parties and beach time. Mostly the latter, if I’m honest.

In August, another new destination for me: Phuket. We’re going to combine some time in the sunshine there with a follow-on visit to Singapore. This one is going to be a bit of a mileage run, so the number of flights involved is pretty mind-blowing.

In November, yet another trip to Japan. We’re flying into Tokyo, but the exact itinerary is to be decided. Booking this far in advance meant we could make use of air miles and us a two-for-one voucher.

So that’s everything that’s in the plan for now. We also have to fit in a visit to see the in-laws in Majorca and a couple of trips to Scotland to see my mum. I’d also like to get a couple of city breaks to new European destinations in the schedule, but it all depends on how busy work is in 2023.

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