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Solo travel: I’d do it again!

I took my first solo holiday last month and, based on the experience, I’d definitely do it again.

A week in Sitges could have been a lonely experience. Nobody to chat with on the beach, nobody to enjoy drinks with in the evening. Nobody to laugh with when enjoying the extra special people-watching.

And yet.

I didn’t feel lonely once. I spent a lot of time alone on my first couple of days. I enjoyed walks to and from town, browsing through shops, eating meals, going for coffee. I powered through books on my Kindle, listened to podcasts and took delicious naps in the sun.

I quite like my own company. Years of business travel have taught me to appreciate it and not wish the time away. Indeed, solo evenings after a solid day of delivering training are usually required!

I didn’t spend the whole week alone, though. I met up with people whose visits overlapped with my own and went for meals with them. Hung out with a friend on the beach while he was there too. Laughed over drinks.

But I went back to my hotel alone each evening and woke up to my own thoughts and silence each morning. And meeting up was by choice, not obligation. We weren’t on holiday ‘together’. It meant I could plan my trip exactly how I wanted. The hours I spent alone, sunbathing on my enormous hotel balcony were a delight. The walks to and from town were just what I needed. And the whole experience helped me appreciate the time I spend with others and not take it for granted.

Alone doesn’t necessarily mean lonely, something that comes up in my professional work all the time. It’s how how much we want connection with others and whether we get it.

So yes, I’ll definitely be booking another solo trip next summer. I might even book a longer break, in the same place, and take an apartment for a couple of weeks.

2 comments on “Solo travel: I’d do it again!

  1. Love this! I’ve done at least one solo holiday a year for several years and I look forward to them hugely… there is something about exploring a place [on foot is especially nice for me], sitting with your thoughts, embracing the silence and quiet, that really fills my well. So glad you did this and enjoyed it 🙂

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    • Thanks! I’m a convert and can’t wait until the next opportunity. And I hear you when it comes to exploring on foot. I love walking and walking new places is the best. You can discover so much just by wandering about on foot.

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