iPhone 14 Pro. Yes! No. Maybe…

Like the Apple Fanboy I am, I pounced on the Apple Store at 1pm UK time last Friday, ready to order my new iPhone 14 Pro. Unlike the frustrations many people seem to have experienced, my purchase was buttery smooth. 

Twenty-four hours previously, I’d flatly denied to TheFrankFlyer that I would be getting a new phone. “No need!” I proudly exclaimed. “My iPhone 13 Pro is everything I need”. Cue smug smile and self-confident folding of arms.

Just a few minutes after 1pm the next day, I’d ordered myself an iPhone 14 Pro in midnight, along with a Series 8 Apple Watch, to upgrade from my existing Series 6. An easy, if expensive, transaction. 

On reflection…

Fast forward to yesterday afternoon, and I had a sudden pang of doubt. Chatting about mobile phones with a (gasp!) Samsung-owning friend, it quickly became clear that I had absolutely no need for the new phone and I’d been caught up in the excitement of a new product launch. 

My iPhone journey this year has been anything but normal. I’d upgraded from an iPhone 12 Pro to a 13 Pro Max. After a few months, I found the Max just too big for easy everyday use and sold it to buy an iPhone 13 Mini. Within days, I realised my ageing eyes couldn’t cope with the smaller screen, so I returned it and bought an iPhone 13 Pro. 

This all took place within a few months. 

Hold on a minute…

So, overcome with an uncharacteristic bout of adult thinking, I logged into the Apple Store and cancelled both my orders. It felt good to avoid getting the new phone, if I’m honest. The 13 Pro is an excellent phone and, with the addition of iOS 16 this evening, it’s going to get even better. 

As for the Apple Watch, I’ll probably upgrade once I’m back from a trip to see family in Scotland. It’s not an emergency and I can live with the Series 6 for the foreseeable future. Given recent household bills and investments, this definitely seems like the right thing to do. 

And so, the wait for iOS 16 commences. It should be available in my time zone at 6pm this evening, so it won’t be a distraction while I’m trying to get through my working day. Here’s hoping for an on-time arrival and a smooth update process. 

(Photo by Victor Carvalho on Unsplash)

5 comments on “iPhone 14 Pro. Yes! No. Maybe…

  1. Ah yes, the old; “Yes! NO!! I mean, eh… eh…” feelings when new toys come into the Toy Store. I decided months ago I was saving for the 2022 iPhone, and my order is on it’s way.
    A _very_ frustrating and non-Appley experience from the online store, I ended up purchasing _two_ iPhone 14 Pro Max devices, and _two_ AirPods Pro! It took ages to cancel one order, and when I did, despite all my careful order ID tracking, I of course ended up cancelling the order that was due to deliver in two weeks and it’s now spilled over into October. Thanks Apple. I know Pre-release Day is a strain on infrastructure, but come on, you must be used to it now and be able to plan accordingly?
    Anyway, I’m delighted with my phone, can’t wait to try it and the amazing AirPods (which are still my most favourite Apple device of recent years) and hopefully I’ll get both of them in time for an October trip to Vienna.


    • I hear a lot of people had a frustrating buying experience. Ironically, mine was fine.

      Hope you enjoy your new phone and AirPods – looking forward to hearing how you find them both. And that they get to you in time for your trip!


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  3. I am going to buy iPhone soon. But I am so confused about whether apple iPhone 14 pro max or iPhone 13 pro max will be good for me. Can you please give me a suggestion regarding it?
    Thanks in advance!


    • It really depends on what you is it for and, of course, your budget. The max phones are the biggest and so the screen is excellent. But they’re also the most expensive. I’ve found no compelling reason to upgrade from the 13 Pro to the 14 Pro and suggest the 13 models are still a great option for anyone getting an iPhone this year.


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