Some WNBR regret

I’m enjoying a coffee and a scroll through the various reports and pics from yesterday’s London World Naked Bike Ride. And I’m really regretting not taking part this year.

I could have been a lot more organised and got my bike serviced in time, but it got lost in a mountain of other (more important?) tasks. I wasn’t too bothered when I wrote about it yesterday, but now that I can see just what an excellent event it was, I’m really feeling the FOMO.

Everyone looks so happy in the photos – you can just feel the positivity and fun coming off the screen. Plus, the weather was pretty much perfect for a naked cycle around Central London. I mean, while thousands were peddling their bare behinds across town, I was sunbathing on our balcony. It was definitely warm enough to get nekkid.

Anyway, there’s next year to look forward to. I just need to get it in the calendar when it’s confirmed and make sure my little bike is roadworthy in advance.

I don’t want any more WNBR FOMO in 2023.

PS – Gold star if you can spot me in the photo above!

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