Missing WNBR London

Today sees London’s World Naked Bike Ride for 2022, but I’m not taking part.

Having participated back in 2018 – and it was so much fun – I was out of the country for the next ride and then there was…the plague. This year’s ride has sort of crept up on me and I’m just not organised enough.

I somehow ended up in someone else’s pics back in 2018!

For one thing, my Brompton bike is in a storage room in our apartment building and needs a complete service before I take it back out on the streets. And I couldn’t bare (pardon the pun) to cycle naked on a hire bike – though it looks like that doesn’t put many others off. 😬

Twitter will be awash with pics of the event later today, including the usual mix of prudish comments and body-shaming. Not to mention close-ups of participants’ body parts. People really respond quite strangely to public nudity. For me, taking part was the opposite – all about body confidence and demonstrating there’s nothing to fear from the (quite average) naked form.

When you’re in the middle of a pack of naked cyclists, when the mood is so positive, there’s something very life-affirming and warm about the whole experience. Maybe next year.

Until then, it’s just going to be at-home naturism and my upcoming few days on the beach in Sitges. And maybe even a few hours on the very private balcony in our new apartment…

3 comments on “Missing WNBR London

  1. ethnicolor

    Dude, even if I had an “average” body and even if I could cycle more than 1km without breaking my back, there’s NO WAY I could cycle cheerfully naked around London! But you like it, so you get back up on that bike for next year!

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