Back on the keys again

My long-awaited digital piano arrived yesterday and I’m thrilled with it!

I had a much simpler (and cheaper!) version for years, but sold it in preparation for moving to our new apartment. I’d promised myself I’d invest in a better piano, one to see me through our time in this home.

So, a Yamaha Clavinova was purchased – but the guy in the Yamaha showroom said it wouldn’t be available for delivery until the end of June, maybe even the start of July. So when the delivery company got in touch earlier this week to arrange delivery, I was over the moon.

The brought it, delivered it and assembled it yesterday morning and I spent the day waiting for TheFrankFlyer to finish working in the study so I could ‘take it for a spin’. It’s everything I’d hoped.

With the headphones on, I have to keep checking that they’re plugged in – the sound is so immersive and realistic, it really feels like I’m playing it on stage! I’ve played around with some of the voices, but next I need to link it up with my iPad and see what’s possible on the digital side of things. I’m keen to learn how I can record what I’m playing and even create some backing tracks.

I really missed having a piano these last few months and now that she’s arrived (on the suggestion of a friend, the piano has been named ‘Meryl’), it really feels like our new apartment is a home.

1 comment on “Back on the keys again

  1. ethnicolor

    Congrats, and enjoy playing Meryl like a piano 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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