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Working with the Apple Studio Display

I’ve used my new Apple Studio Display for more than idle web browsing now, running several meetings and other online work events.

I’m still super happy with it, but quickly ran into a minor annoyance. And also a solution!

What Apple loves to call ‘Centre Stage’ is what I like to call ‘Drunk Cam’. Every time I shift in my seat or lower my head to take notes, the camera seems to lurch with me, attempting to keep me in the frame. I’m not sure if it’s hardware or software, but the same functionality works brilliantly on my iPad Pro.

It’s far from ideal for the people on the other end of the line and I know I’d quick become seasick watching it.

The answer is simple!

  • Go to Control Centre in the menu bar
  • Click on Video Effects
  • Turn off Centre Stage

You can find all the details of how to customise your Studio Display here.

1 comment on “Working with the Apple Studio Display

  1. ethnicolor

    ‘DrunkCam’, I love it! I’ve often thought the same on iPad,and I think it’s too anal about keeping you in the centre of the screen. If it only kicked in when you move off camera, that would sort it. But FT calls with CentreStage and _two_ people is a mess. As soon as one party starts moving around, ‘DrunkCam’ kicks in!

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