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Next stop: Sitges

Call me sad and predictable, but I’ve booked yet another trip to Sitges for later this month. Second only to trips to Mallorca to see the in-laws, it’s my most-visited location in Spain. And I can’t wait!

We head off on June 23rd and come back on the 28th, so it’s quite the flying visit. But more than enough time to soak up some sunshine on my favourite beach and sip beers while looking out at the sea. Owing to the ‘plague’, it’s been quite a while since I last flexed my naturist preferences anywhere but home, so it’ll be lovely to feel some warm sun on my skin again.

As I bang on about regularly here, feeling the sand between my toes is just the most amazingly relaxing experience. And I plan to do plenty of it.

The usual routine consists of something like: An early hotel breakfast, down to the beach by 10am and a solid day of sunbathing, walking and summing until about 4pm. Then it’s time for a siesta and some drinks on our balcony. A shower, selection of some shorts, and then it’s off into town for dinner and some intensive people-watching.

This time it’ll be slightly different, as we have a friend coming with us. I won’t have to change my beach plans, but it might take us longer each evening to agree on a restaurant for dinner. That’s a problem I can definitely deal with!

Japan aside (who are keeping their borders closed to filthy gaijin like me for the foreseeable), it really feels like travel has opened up again and I’m keen to get back into my old habits.

We’ll almost certainly head over to Mallorca for a week later in the summer, to see the in-laws. I’d love to get a weekend in Berlin at some point and I’m once again interested in taking the Riviera Sleeper train down to the South West for some English sunshine. And to geek out on a sleeper train, obviously!

Anyway, just thinking about travel, sunshine and time on the beach has put me in an excellent mood.

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