Apple Studio Display: What a beauty!

My long-awaited Apple Studio Display finally arrived yesterday, just after I left for an all-day music festival (more on that in another post!), so unboxing and setting it up had to wait until this morning.

First reaction: it was definitely worth the wait.

This thing is absolutely beautiful. Unboxing took moments, as the new way Apple packs larger devices like this and the iMac is so intuitive. Setting up took as long as it takes to plug into the mains and attach a USB-C cable to my laptop dock. That’s it. Seconds later, I was sitting and marvelling at the quality of the display in front of me.

I bought the display for the study in our new apartment, connected to a Brydge laptop dock, to make it super easy for both TheFrankFlyer and I to use it. It looks stunning on the mid-century desk we got and has such a small footprint. It’s just like sitting in front of a bigger version of my office iMac.

I got the version that’s height adjustable, which I’m so grateful for. It’s definitely worth the extra money as this desk definitely isn’t adjustable and there’s minimal height settings on our chair.

I’ve conducted two quick tests and can report that firstly, the webcam is absolutely fine, but not stellar. Fine for Zoom calls and webinars, but nothing I’d record Youtube content with. Secondly, the built-in speakers are wonderful.

It’s somehow fitting that I’m writing this post using the Studio Display, a little over 24 hours before this year’s WWDC. Apple-related excitement levels are slowly rising as I read all he rumour blogs and watch videos about what Apple “will” or “might” announce tomorrow. I’ve noted my own wishlist, and can only hope some of it manifests tomorrow evening.

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