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It’s all coming together

While our new apartment isn’t fully finished, it’s definitely progressed a lot since we moved in on the 12th of May. And even though we managed to unpack every single box within two days of opening the front door, we’re still waiting on several pieces of furniture.

I don’t know if you’ve tried to buy furniture this year, but the lead times are horrendous. Salespeople shrug and blame COVID, Brexit and supply lines. I’m unsure who to blame, but I’d really quite like my armchair sooner than 16 weeks, please and thank you.

Most importantly, we’ve had our first meal out on the balcony, which was a delight. Our old apartment’s balcony was simply too small to sit down, while this one is the length of our living room. It was wonderful to eat and watch London’s evening skyline change from the 35th floor.

I’m still waiting on my new Apple Studio Display, which will complete the desk in our study. This is due some time in the next two weeks. Then there’s my new digital piano, which doesn’t arrive until the end of June at the very earliest. Add to that a couple of armchairs, and these are the final big-ticket items. After that, it’s just accessories and soft furnishings.

I don’t suppose a home is ever ‘done’, but I’m looking forward to the end of this first phase of moving in. No more waiting in for big deliveries or wondering how we can make do without something critical.

4 comments on “It’s all coming together

  1. Looking good! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  2. ethnicolor

    Congratulations you guys, what a beautiful home. Do you have a Studio Mac to do with that Studio Display?! As for furniture lead times, an armchair here in Kilkenny took 20 weeks, two years before COVID and Brexit!


    • Thanks! I’m still loving waking up here each morning – long may it last.

      The Studio Display is so that we can both plug in our laptops when working from home (obviously not at the same time). No ned for the Studio Mac, even though it’s an absolute thing of beauty.

      That’s some lead time outside of a pandemic – what’s their excuse?!


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