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I have (finally) moved

Despite making the decision to sell our apartment in the first few days of January, we only finally moved into our new place last Thursday. It has felt like an age.

I won’t bore you with all the gory details, but it definitely includes a particularly useful solicitor, another terrible solicitor, a revoltingly dirty seller and several days and nights where it looked like the whole deal was going to fall through.

Despite all the stress and angst, we’re both totally in love with our new place and remain thoroughly impressed with the views over London. Our double-aspect living room lets us see Crystal Palace, The Shard, The London Eye, BT Tower and the whole of the City of London. Not to mention lots and lots of the River Thames.

Looking West, towards the Shard

We’ve unpacked every single box and found a home for all our belongings. We actually sold all our furniture with the old apartment, so we’ve also had to furnish this one from scratch. That has been an adventure in itself, what with global supply chain challenges.

And so, a new chapter begins. Onwards and upwards to many happy years here. As I simply couldn’t face moving again any time soon!

2 comments on “I have (finally) moved

  1. ethnicolor

    Well done you guys, and best of luck in your beautiful new home!


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