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No COVID here

So it turns out I don’t have COVID. And I have the test result to prove it! Actually, after a night of nine hours sleep, I don’t feel half bad at all.

Was I just a little sleep deprived? Maybe.

Whatever it was, it left me absolutely hanging yesterday evening and so I was in bed for 8pm and fast asleep before 9pm. I woke up with my 6am alarm this morning and managed to get through the day.

(All this despite two last minute cancelations, some significant tech issues, a double-booking (no fault of my own) and hassles with our solicitor regarding the planned move to our new apartment. The guy seems to have a doctorate in being incredibly opaque in response to the simplest questions.)

Anyway, a reminder that you don’t have to have COVID to feel like shit. I wrapped up early today, eventually grateful for the cancellation of my 4pm meeting, and took the long way home – walking down the docks in the sunshine. A blast of sun and fresh air did me wonders.

I got home, stripped off my work clothes and collapsed on the sofa with my iPad. Time for some self-care this evening…

(Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash)

1 comment on “No COVID here

  1. Fortunate for you! Heal yourself! Naked hugs!


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