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Japanese curry love

Yesterday, we had lunch at Okan, a Japanese restaurant near the South Bank. And it was superb.

I’m very glad TheFrankFlyer booked, as the place is absolutely tiny. Some might say cramped. I’m exceedingly short and I still found it a little tight. But you’re not there for comfortable seats or luxurious table cloths.

You’re here for the incredibly tasty menu of Japanese food.

We shared a portion of prawn gyoza, then I opted for a traditional Japanese curry, while Frank went for the Okonomiyaki. I originally planned to do the same, but saw a curry on another diner’s table and had to have some. I’m so easily led when it comes to the visuals of food.

Hands down, it was the best curry I’ve had outside of Japan.

You’re surrounded by retro signage from a range of Japanese contexts, and if you’re sitting at the bar, you’re facing the team making your meal. We had a table in the corner, so we could take in the whole place. Which isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Did I mention that it’s tiny?

The menu is short, but wonderful. Pricing isn’t bad at all considering the location, but also the quality of the food. This makes Wagamama’s offering look very pale, weak and bland by comparison.

Can you tell yet? I’ll definitely be back!

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