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I’m ready for Sober Spring

I still haven’t changed my mind about going booze-free for three months. And last night’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations have left me actually looking forward to the experience!

In the least Irish way possible, I ended up in a German-themed bar, guzzling German lager and chowing down on German curry wurst and fries. It was just the thing (at the time), but this morning my body is actively looking forward to an extended break from…this.

That beer and curry wurst combo was to die for. I enjoyed every mouthful (and there were several!) despite how it looks on screen.

Let’s see how I get on over the next few weeks. I really love sampling new craft beers and enjoying the experience with friends. But just a few moments of reflection illustrate the wins outweigh the losses, so I’m sure it won’t kill me. On the contrary, I anticipate an extended break from the beers will positively impact my wellbeing.

So now to stock up on some of my favourite alcohol-free drinks (I’ll share my reviews here) and begin to tell as many people as possible that I’m doing Sober Spring.

It’s basically the alcohol equivalent of being vegan! 🤣

(Photo by Tatiana Rodriguez on Unsplash)

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