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Hook, line and sinker

Even this Apple Fanboy has to admit that yesterday’s Apple event was a little…boring? If you’re turned on by intricate descriptions of computer chip architecture, then you’ll have had a field day.

My interests are a lot more pedestrian.

As the event went on, I began to relax. There was no interest in any of the new products, and therefore, no need for me to reach for my credit card.

Until… that new Studio Display. Oh my. Just what I’d been waiting for.

I jokingly reference my recent purchase of a 24″ iMac last month yesterday, but what I didn’t mention was all the research I’ve been doing on monitors for my study at home. Unlike laptops and iPads, this is a space I know next to nothing about. And to me, it seems needlessly complex. But I need a monitor for our study in the new apartment we’re buying.

TheFrankFlyer and I will share this space and use a laptop dock to connect our respective laptops to a screen when we’re at the desk. Right now, we’re using a crappy Samsung monitor that was bought in a panic during the COVID lockdown. I’ve hated it since day one, but it’s done the job. But its plastic, black bezels are offensive and the additional webcam we had to buy makes both of us look like we’re calling from inside a jail cell.

Our new home needs something that actually looks like it belongs and this new Studio Display is just the thing. I wanted thin bezels, built in speakers and a built-in webcam – to keep the desk as clutter-free as possible. This has it all and more.

And oh boy, you should have heard my internal monologue at that moment, rationalising my purchase in hyper speed. TheFrankFlyer wasn’t home from work at this point, but I already had one in my basket on Apple’s online store. Awaiting his feedback on it, I went through all the tech specs and mentally rubbed my hands together with glee.

Once he got home, we went through it together – after all, he’ll be using it for 50% of the working week – and we agreed: it was just the thing for our new apartment.

Just that short delay in clocking ‘buy’ pushed availability back from March 18th to April 4th. I think this thing is flying off the shelves as so many Mac users have been waiting for a new and/or more reasonably priced monitor. No dramas – I can wait a few weeks. We won’t have moved by that point, so it’ll probably stay in its box until we’re in the new place.

Who am I fooling?! I’ll rip it open immediately and share some lovingly-taken pics with you on day one.

(Photo by Emil Kalibradov on Unsplash)

2 comments on “Hook, line and sinker

  1. ethnicolor

    I look forward to seeing it in place! Likewise, I wasn’t all that thrilled with the ‘show’, but both the Mac Studio and the Studio Display have tickled my fancy! Good thing Tech-Refresh was last year, or there’d be another expensive item on its way!

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