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A wandering mind

It’s hard – extremely hard – not to be moved by the war in Ukraine. I’m not an expert on the local geopolitics, so I won’t be trying to explain it or offer simplistic solutions here.

I just know that what I’m seeing is a massive injustice and that makes my heart ache. My mind goes back to the carnage of Yugoslavia – particularly what happened in Bosnia – and I’m once again wondering why this keeps happening.

The coverage on TV has been on my mind a lot and it’s taken every ounce of my willpower to step away from ‘doom-scrolling’ the various social feeds. I want to know what’s going on, and yet I don’t want to fuel my anxiety by constantly refreshing Twitter to see what’s going on.

I’ve arrived at a sort of half-way house. I’ll pay attention if I get a news alert on my phone, but will try to avoid actively seeking out news while I’m at work. This isn’t a lack of empathy, it’s an effort to protect my mental health. None of the news is in any way good.

There’s not a lot I can do from London – where the shameful government here is doing everything it can to avoid taking in refugees – but I’ve made my donation to the Red Cross to take care of those leaving Ukraine to find safety elsewhere.

The situation is obviously in the hands of a man playing games with the lives of millions. I just hope it gets resolved very soon and with a minimum of delay and ensuing bloodshed. Redrawing borders with violence never works out, for anyone.

(Photo by Yehor Milohrodskyi on Unsplash)

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