We’re finally in that time of year when it’s not unusual to see daylight in the morning! And I couldn’t be happier.

I’m sitting here with my coffee and laptop, looking out over Canary Wharf’s skyline, and admiring the bright skies stretching out over East London. One of the toughest things about winter – for me at least – is getting up to utter darkness, then coming home in darkness.

I feel like I’m sun-starved, and it shows.

We’re only heading to the end of February, but my optimism levels have started to rise and I’m more awake in the mornings. Yes, coffee still does its part, but daylight is what’s really re-charging my batteries.

And while it’s nothing like lying naked on a Spanish beach all morning, it’ll have to do until we return to Sitges. Or somewhere similar. While we’ve got that wonderful trip to Tokyo re-booked for May, I don’t think I’ll be doing any sunbathing while I’m there.

For now, it’s memories of beaches and sunbathing while I finish my coffee, then off for a shower and a dash into the office for what looks like a very busy day.

(Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash)

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