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Easing into Dry January…again

After the kind of December that tested the limits of my liver, I’m giving my body a break this month and participating in Dry January.

I wasn’t quite at the ‘Baileys on my breakfast cereal’ stage of over-indulgence, but being able to go to pubs again after restrictions significantly increased the number of beers that slipped down my gullet each week. It was fun, but it’s time for a change.

I found it surprisingly easy last January, and it’s a simple way to reduce some of the thousands of calories that find their way into my body every 24 hours. Avoiding alcohol also improves the quality of my sleep and saves me money. So why not do it every money?

That’s an excellent question. Let’s see how I answer it at the end of the month.

I have a handful of alcohol-free beers in the fridge, in case I really fancy something tasty with a meal.

My most amazing find in 2020 was Guinness 0.0, a flawless replication of my favourite stout. Many alcohol-free beers are watery than their booze-laden counterparts, but I honestly couldn’t tell the difference with Guinness. Three cheers for an excellent alternative. Now, if only it wasn’t so damned hard to find in the shops. In November, it seemed to be sold out virtually everywhere.

My grabbing of the final twelve cans in my local Waitrose brought back fond memories of the panic buying at the outset of Plague Year One (2020). I’ll be honest: I felt zero guilt. I’d missed the taste so much.

Anyway, I’m keen to start accruing the benefits of the booze-free lifestyle. Watch this space for updates on my waistline and quality of sleep.

(Photo by kazuend on Unsplash)

4 comments on “Easing into Dry January…again

  1. Nice work! Cool post! Naked hugs! 🙂


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