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Breaking: I did NOT buy a new iPhone

Apple’s product launch on Tuesday was a bit of a rollercoaster. Despite being another pre-recorded, socially distanced affair, it came with some real surprises, but also a healthy dose of ‘meh’.

Within minutes, Tim Cook announced a significant update to the iPad Mini, causing me to grin uncontrollably. I’ve wanted an update Mini forever and the upgraded model ticked all of my boxes. Apple Pencil 2 support. Bigger screen. 5G connectivity. USB-C power. An improved selfie camera for FaceTime calls.

Superb. Breathtaking. Pant-wettingly exciting. Part of my had given up on any more iPad Mini updates from Apple. I’d periodically read articles predicting its demise, then hug it a little closer.

Back to the event

Minutes later, I was in the doldrums of lacklustre product updates. Minimal updates to the iPhone and Apple Watch meant I didn’t feel any interest in upgrading. This is, based on the contents of this blog alone, not my usual response to Apple product announcements!

That said, I immediately ordered the iPad Mini 6 as soon as the store reopened online and am quite literally counting down the hours until it arrives next Friday. So Apple managed to extract some of my hard-earned cash after all. I’m in no way bitter. I’m buying something that’s truly exciting and new, not yet another iPhone model with an iterative improvement to battery life and / or camera.

iPhone plans?

I’ll be sticking with my iPhone 12 Pro for another year (at least) and donating my iPad Mini 5 to my Mum, who is a fellow Mini aficionado. Hers is a model 3 and is reaching the end of its life. She’s obviously delighted to be getting a replacement.

Another bonus – this time a free one – is that iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 come out next Monday. I’ve been really lusting after this update for a while, yet somehow managed to squeeze out sufficient self-control to avoid installing the public beta. Depending on release time, and my schedule on Monday evening, I might just update my iPads. Whatever the order, I just want to have all my iOS and iPadOS devices using 15 by the time I unbox my iPad Mini 6 next Friday.

Which I’ll share here, for your delectation, of course.

2 comments on “Breaking: I did NOT buy a new iPhone

  1. I felt exactly the same; the Mini was WOW, the other stuff was ‘meh’. I loved my Mini and I am so getting a new one (to go beside my brand new, eh, 12.9 M1 Pro) but I’ll wait a little while because my employer runs an employee reward scheme that I know have quite a few points banked. They have lots of Apple goodies and I’m hoping they’ll carry the new iPad Mini before I permanently leave in January 2022. If not, I’ll just by one for myself as a leaving gift!

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