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Adjusting my travel expectations

For someone who previously spent a lot of time writing about his travel adventures, the obvious pandemic-related restrictions weren’t that hard to deal with. I mean, what’s more important that your health and the health of your loved ones?

My travel adventures in 2020 were restricted to the two permitted trips I made to Scotland to visit my mum. Everything else was cancelled, of course. Dublin, Tokyo, Sitges, Barcelona, Helsinki…

And so, our travel planning in 2021 has been all about how to cancel our remaining trips with minimum cost and hassle. The multiple trips to Japan, the visits to Spain to check in on the in-laws. All cancelled.

@TheFrankFlyer has made it over to Mallorca to see his elderly parents for the first time since the pandemic hit. Definitely not a relaxing time, given all the pre- and post-testing involved and the various restrictions still in place. But worth it all for the peace of mind of being able to see his parents. Ditto for me when I made it up to Scotland.

We’d had a ‘maybe, someday’ holiday to Barcelona and Sitges booked for next month, back when we thought it would be all over by Christmas. (Remember those days of mis-placed optimism?) Anyway, it too has just been cancelled. Instead, we’re going to try for a short visit to the in-laws in Mallorca – which is still on the ‘green list’ for travel purposes.

Of course, that could all change over the next month, so I’m not pinning my future happiness on it. But I’ve just spent an enjoyable morning revisiting my photos from our last trip there in 2019. We’re planning to stay in the same hotel, which was a delight – private roof deck and hot tub, amazing views over the bay and a child-free environment!

If it happens, it’ll be wonderful. If not, it’s something that is to be expected, given the state of the world. Along with many other people, I’ve spent 2020 and 2021 re-learning to enjoy the simpler things in life.

A week in Mallorca would be the cherry on the cake next month. But I’m sure even if we don’t go, I can find plenty of icing to enjoy here in London.

5 comments on “Adjusting my travel expectations

  1. ethnicolor

    Hey dude – fingers-crossed that ye get to make the trip. Similarly we have a 3-day trip to Rome in September, which I’m hoping we can still go on. First trip in 17 months!

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  2. Fingers crossed for you! I’m aiming for Venice in January for my best friend’s 40th 🙂

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