As someone who loves nothing more than to lounge about in a sauna or steam room, it feels strange to wish London were a little cooler right now.

Our mini-heatwave is slightly exhausting, especially when public transport is involved. And that’s before I put my face mask on. It’s due to hit 30C again this afternoon and frankly that’s too hot not to be on a beach.

Lately, I’ve been heading out for my morning run earlier and earlier, to catch some semblance of a cool breeze before the really intense heat hits. This is fine, but it’s getting harder and harder to get up early when nighttime temperatures make sleep more difficult.

And yet…

I adore the sunshine and will sit out in it for as long as possible each day. But obviously, when you have to work, the hot weather takes on a whole new meaning. Hot weekends and cooler weekdays would be ideal, though the weather doesn’t seem to take account of my working patterns.

I’m just grateful for the powerful air conditioning in my office and for the portable unit we have set up at home. Far from green, but they’re the only thing that stops me from continually fanning myself like some kind of ‘Southern belle’.

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